Manu, Denis, Cédric…

We think about you every day.

Picto_Team_graphique_203x203What they do (for you)

Manu, Denis and Cédric are our developers. They develop tailor-made CMS-based and open source websites, intranets, extranets, forums, blogs, etc.

A network of high-range professionals (for your benefit).

Since 1995, Acapella has also built up a network of selected professionals. To be integrated in our “external team”, a partner needs to be among the best, yet affordable. As we have very loyal clients (over 90 % of yearly client loyalty), we are also loyal to our suppliers. So, by choosing  Acapella, you benefit from our long-time partnerships with printers, consultants, translators and copywriters (up to 30 languages), event producers, external designers and illustrators, Press Relation specialists, etc.