Anne-Sophie Lavaurs

Every job is unique

Picto_Anne-Sophie_203x203What I do (for you)

I am Acapella’s Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Partner. As such, I do not only supervise the design, development and production teams, I am also in charge of establishing communication strategies and translating them into visually attractive and efficient communication tools.

I am also in charge of creating easy-to-fill-in CMS websites and extranets. I have been doing this for 27 years.

I also conceive Advocacy Support tools designed to optimise your advocacy campaigns at European or international level.   

My resume

I studied architecture and design at Camondo, Paris (France).
I have 27 years of experience in print and online communication for European Associations, International Associations and Private Companies.
I co-founded Acapella in 1995.
Previously, I worked in communication and art books companies.
I speak French, English and German.
I like graphic design, contemporary art, cinema, books, music and… sushi.

For more information, simply call me : + 32 (0)2 340 18 22