spiritsEUROPE – Manifesto for the 2024 European elections


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In the context of the 2024 European elections, we have designed a twelve-page brochure for spiritsEUROPE. We have defined the concept, the graphic environment and the catchy infographics that reflect the spirits’ sector messages. The infographics are not just icons with key figures, but the result of an elaborate thinking and design process to deliver a qualitative and trendy support to the text. In addition, the picture selection was made to best fit the mosaic design for a lively result.

Earlier for spiritsEUROPE, we have also designed, produced and developed the corporate identity, public websites, member zone website, country alcohol profile website, roller banners, stands, reports, Farm2Glass Sustainability brochures, reports with hundreds of graphs, and also ‘simple’ MS Office® templates. We are well known within the association for the quality of our strategic approach, as well as our high quality design and development and professional follow-up. We also host and manage the websites developed by us: spirits.eu, drinksinitiatives.eu, responsibledrinking.eu, spiritszone.eu (private member zone) that includes many avant-garde features such as

  • ‘Calls to members’ personalised for each user of the member zone that allows direct access to personal calls for action, calls for input, register for meeting/event.
  • a Country Alcohol Profile that allows members of spiritsEUROPE to compare country data and create their own graphs on the fly! They can even create their own PDF reports in no time and print or send the graphs produced online. Nice, neat reports.