spiritsEUROPE – Brochure


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We designed an eight-page brochure for spiritsEUROPE in the context of the European elections. This brochure is in line with the global strategy designed for spiritsEUROPE by our services, and adapted to all communication tools: branding, stationery, guidelines, public website, roller banners, popup stands, folder… Well-known within the association for the quality of our strategic approach, as well as our high quality development and follow-up, we also designed, developed and host more dedicated websites for spiritsEUROPE: spiritszone.eu (private member zone), drinksinitiatives.eu, responsibledrinking.eu.

We designed five different roller banners for the spirits summit.
The roller banners are obviously consequent with the concept originally created by Acapella for the spirits.eu site, folders, popup stands, powerpoint® templates and stationeries.

This summit was also the occasion to present the drinksinitiatives.eu new site fully designed, developed and hosted by Acapella.

We have also designed and developed the website of spiritsEUROPE. It is tailor-made, which makes it really easy to update by any member of our client’s staff. It is also responsive and usable on any smartphone and tablet. For the sake of creating a strong identity, we based its design on the layouts we had previously created for spiritsEUROPE’s stationery and other communication tools : stand, roller banners, folder, brochures, etc.

We also managed the picture selection to offer a perfect harmony.