International Commerce Institute

Reviews design for Springer


  • Client ECR Europe
  • Categories Branding, Print, Web Design

A few years ago, ECR Europe decided to create an International Commerce Institute as a link between global thought leaders in academia, retail, and the Consumers Goods business.

Our mandate was to cover the branding of the Institute and design the Review that was to be published and distributed by Springer to top managers around the world. We conceived the guidelines of this high-end, high-quality academic magazine and supplied the layout and illustrations of every release. Each article had to be posted on the internet, which was no problem to us, as we had done it since 1995 for Compaq and many others…

We did not only design and pre-publish the magazines, we also acted as co-editors, as we proposed which sentences should be highlighted (yes, we read each and every article), what concepts could be integrated in the illustrations, etc.

We also created the logo, the stands, the posters, roller banners, and a website for the Institute.