European Copper Institute – Film

A high quality film for a high quality product.


  • Client European Copper Industry
  • Categories Film

The European Copper Institute asked us to create and direct a short film including interviews and industrial footage on “Challenges and Benefits of Copper Recycling”. The whole was based on footage specially shot by Acapella. As the ECI writes it on its website :  “To support the investment and employment that metal recycling generates, the copper sector needs EU policy makers to ensure a well-thought out balance between, on the one hand, legislation on chemicals, industrial emissions and climate change and, on the other, Europe’s goals for more sustainable growth and the circular economy.” Our video was produced in two weeks, in close cooperation with the ECI to offer a complete and clear picture of the challenge. We put the stress on image, aesthetics and sound quality to reflect the high-qualitative image of copper. Yes, even when we make a “simple report”, we THINK first.