Schola Europæa – Bruxelles 1 – Branding and graphic design

APEEE & APEEE Services - Parents Association branding and graphic design


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ACAPELLA has recently designed the new branding of Parents Association of Schola Europæa – Bruxelles 1.
The Parents Association of Schola Europæa – Bruxelles 1 is divided in two different parts with different activities:

  • APEEE is the Voice of Parents Association
  • APEEE Services managed the Services for Students

For these reasons we have designed two different logos, one for APEEE, and one for APEEE Services.
Indeed, the briefing was to distinguish each of them by a different logo shape and different colours.

The new branding created by ACAPELLA was the following:

  • logo designs,
  • graphic charter,
  • Word and PowerPoint templates,
  • reviewed design of the current site.
  • banners
  • bookmarks