Schola Europæa – Bruxelles 1 – Branding and corporate identity

APEEE & APEEE Services - Parents Association branding and graphic design


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ACAPELLA has recently designed the new branding and corporate identity of Parents Association of Schola Europæa – Bruxelles 1.
The Parents Association of Schola Europæa – Bruxelles 1 is divided as follows:

  • APEEE is the Voice of Parents Association
  • APEEE Services managed the Services for Students

The goal of this new branding was to instantly distinguish APEEE from APEEE Services through dedicated colours/logo icon/baseline. In parallel, it was important to keep some details that belong to both logos. This is the reason why the ‘tree trunk’ and the typeface are common to both logos. The result is two different logo designs, one for APEEE, and one for APEEE Services.

The following communication tools were also designed by us:

  • graphic charter,
  • Word® and PowerPoint® templates,
  • reviewed design of the current site.
  • roll-up banners and hanging banners for events
  • bookmarks with all the contact persons
  • E-mail signatures of all the contact persons
  • etc.