AIM-Progress – Website, Member Zone and Resource Hub

New site and new member zone


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We have designed, developed, and we host the NEW public site and member zone of AIM-Progress in responsible sourcing.

In addition, we have recently created a sophisticated resource hub on the member zone enabling members to share, rate, comment, use documents and play (audio and videos) of responsible sourcing material easily accessible via revolutionary search filters.

The new site of AIM-Progress has a history. Indeed, we have worked for AIM-Progress for a long time. Over twenty years ago, we created the first European Brands Association site. Then in 2011, we were asked to create the AIM-Progress site and its Member zone. In 2018, we have designed, developed and hosted a new AIM-Progress site. We have also created a sophisticated Member Zone including many useful functions as well as a huge database of documents and visuals. We also created an electronic newsletter.