Marcel Piana

Every word counts.

Picto_Marcel_203x203What I do (for you)

I am Acapella’s Senior Copywriter and Audiovisual Production Director. My role is to create concepts, at every level. Yes, from a simple folder up to branding campaigns, through web-movies and audio podcasts. Because it all begins with a synopsis.

Having been online since the early nineties, I also know what multimedia and social media are about. I have started to write professionally for websites over 20 years ago. But I also keep on writing for “traditional media” everyday.  And producing films.

I also do Advocacy Support. It consists in designing tools to optimize your advocacy campaigns in print and online, by writing and designing convincing press releases and brochures, by adding sense and consistency to your online and social media communication, by shooting and producing videos to support your advocacy actions.

My resume

I studied languages at the ULB, Brussels.
I have 25 years of experience in print and 20 years in online and audiovisual communication for European Associations and Private Companies.
I co-founded Acapella in 1995.
From 1991 to 1995, I was a copywriter, film producer and studio director at CAT, Antwerp.
I speak French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and German.
I like art, cinema, books and… fettucine alle vongole.

For more information, simply call me : + 32 (0)2 340 18 20