Our new web site

4 October 2014 - Journal -

On October 3, 2014, we published our fourth Acapella web site (which we call Acaweb). Well yes, I know what you’ll say, that’s a website every 7 years or so. Our excuse is simple : we tend to work more for our clients than we do to promote ourselves. You know what they say : shoemakers children are the worst shod.

But is it so ? We were the first agency in Brussels to integrate webdesign in the global communication package, as a native skill. And from the very beginning, our own website served the purpose to explore the latest trends… and beyond. So, in 1995, our first website was made of full-screen clickable images. But image-based websites were impressive indeed, but quite hard to edit, so the fashion changed. Pity, because our radical “navigation” concept through images of the bottom of the sea did impress our clients. Nearly 20 years later, we would still love to show it to you. Unfortunately, we backup absolutely everything except what we do for ourselves. Shoemakers children… Well, you know what they say…

The second Acapella website (2002) used frames, a nice and popular technique… that got out of fashion when search engines became the center of the web. The third website (2008) was made in Flash. A technology that allowed an unlimited creativity. But since Flash is not recognised by Apple phones and tablets anymore, now was the time to change, again. So we are proud to introduce our new, state-of-the-art website, duly responsive, readable on all smartphones and tablets, with just a bit of animation to make your visit pleasant. But most of all, we loaded it with as much information as possible about our work. About us. But enough blablablah…

…let’s THINK about YOU !